Deus Ex

You may or may not know that the video game Deus Ex is currently in the development stage of being adapted into a film.

deus ex


The film will be based on Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Michael Finch (the screenwriter for Predators) will be working on the Deus Ex screenplay.

Deus Ex Human Revolution









I know there are people for and against video game to film adaptions & vice versa (also with comic/books). I must say; i am a neutral on this. Obviously the original platform for the story-line will always be the best version, but that doesn’t deter me from following adapted versions of cool stories. How do you guys feel about this?

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Gameboy Advance

For those of you who dont already know this; you can get Gameboy Advance as an app on your phone!

photo 1
























For iOS go to the app store and type ‘GBA4iOS’ in the search field.

photo 2








The app is circled below:

photo 3








Enjoy playing your favorite gameboy games 🙂

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The Last of Us

I know you loved the game! So; are you just as excited for the movie? Yes, apparently there is talk about ‘The Last of Us’ movie adaption taking place.



Guess what? That’s not the only cool news… Rumor has it that Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) has been suggested for the role of Ellie. That’s fantastic! She’s perfect for the role.



What do you think?

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Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars is a browser game. Has anyone played it? I used to; and i was fairly decent at it.



















The great thing about the game is that everything happens in real time; so you can carry on with your actual life & go back to the game now & then when it needs you. I like this idea of having the freedom to walk away when real life things pull you away – most games require you to be present ALWAYS. Tribal Wars is free; but if you want convenience in play you can have a premium account (but its not necessary).



Check it out here :

Tribal Wars 2 is coming soon (currently in closed beta).

What are your favorite browser games?

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