Time Travel

We know you wish this were possible – just as much as we do!

Time travel may well be possible in the long-near future (we are optimists). Therefore it will serve you well to be educated in the 3 different types of time travel:

  1. Fixed Timeline:

In a fixed timeline; even when parties travel back in time; the future they left cannot be changed. All events remain as fixed points in time. The actions of the traveler in the past have already become part of history. This is known as the Novikov Self-Consistency Principle e.g. If you travel back in time to kill Adolf Hitler; to prevent WWII; and you replace him with another baby so the family doesn’t notice; that baby will become Adolf Hitler himself. As seen in The Terminator & Harry Potter 3.

2. Dynamic Timeline:

In a dynamic timeline; altered events in the past have definite impacts on the future. E.g. if you travel back in time to kill your grandfather; you also prevent your own birth; and your eventual trip back in time. In turn; your grandfather is never killed; and you are born again; only to go back in time and kill your grandfather anyway. This loop continues infinitely and creates a paradox! As seen in Back to the Future.

3. Multiverse:

The concept of a multiverse supports alternate timelines; in an infinite number of parallel universes. Travelling into the past causes a new divergent timeline from the first. Because of this; the traveler can do anything with impunity; and only the new timeline will be affected. E.g. if you travel back in time and kill your grandparents; nothing happens; there is no paradox. You have simply created a new timeline in which you will not exist, but the original timeline in unaffected. However; you cannot return to your original timeline. As seen in The Terminator 2 & 3 and Star Trek (2009).

What type of time travel do you hope will be discovered first?

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2 thoughts on “Time Travel

    • That’s an interesting take, but also scary. What if you create so many alternatives that you never know which life was your original one; or how to get back there #blackhole


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