Photographic Memory

Nerds are often on the receiving end of the ‘being smart’ stereotype. Obviously this is not a bad thing, but not all nerds are equally smart. Every now and then we will be giving lessons on how to fit into the smart stereotype.

Lesson #1: Photographic Memory:

If you are a nerd who already has a photographic memory; please skip this lesson. Otherwise; here is a military technique to develop a photographic memory…

Firstly; you need a dark room; a lamp and a piece of paper.

Sit somewhere where you can turn on your lamp without getting up. Cut a rectangular hole in your piece of paper; about the size of a standard book paragraph. Cover whatever you’re trying to memorize with the paper; and expose only one paragraph. Turn off the light and let your eyes adjust to the dark. Then flip the light on for a split second then off again. When the imprint fades; flip the light on again for a split second; while staring at the paragraph. If you do this right; eventually you’ll be able to see the paragraph and read the imprint in your mind.

✘ Hack It! ✘

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