The Matrix is Real?

My friends and i have debated weather or not the Matrix is real. Have you ever had a moment where you’ve zoned out on ‘auto-pilot’ mode; and then realized you’ve been in that state for like 20 minutes? You might just brush it off as day dreaming. But how about deja vu? It’s a horrible feeling when you think you’ve experienced/seen something before, yet you cannot recall any true memory to legitimize this claim. In the film; deja vu is actually a glitch in the Matrix. This forces the question; is the Matrix real?


In the film; the world is a reality perceived by most humans, which is actually a simulated reality called “the Matrix”, created by sentient machines to subdue the human population, while their bodies’ heat and electrical activity are used as an energy source.

This Is How Researchers Are Testing If The Matrix Is Real:

  • Just like a computer has glitches; a simulated universe would also have glitches. This means that; for example; static things in nature would drift from their constant values (the speed of light should always be the same; the orbital path of planets around the sun should more or less stay the same. If great changes were detected in the known values/measures of such things – it would raise a red flag as a glitch).
  • Most physicists assume that space is smooth and extends out infinitely. However; physicists modeling the early universe cannot easily re-create a perfectly smooth background. If space is continuous, then the direction of cosmic rays should come in from every direction equally. If we live in a simulation based on a lattice, however, then we wouldn’t see this even distribution of cosmic rays. The sad news is that astronomers need much more cosmic ray data to answer this question one way or another.

This cosmic ray test may help reveal whether we are just lines of code in an artificial Matrix, where the established rules of physics may be bent, or even broken. But if learning that truth means accepting that you may never know for sure what’s real — including yourself — would you want to know?

There is no turning back, Neo: Do you take the blue pill, or the red pill?

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3 thoughts on “The Matrix is Real?

  1. What a co-incidence to have found a post like this.. I was watching the movie the very last night and wondering the same.

    Is it real?

    I have always been intrigued by the cosmic theories; quantum and metaphysical theories; the universe-is-the-mind-and-vice-versa belief; and other related aspects.

    Still wondering.. Is it real?

    May be.

    There’s a Ted talk by Brian Greene in which he raises the believable possibility of 11 dimensions being existent in the world (and throughout Space); out of which we can perceive only a few. Here:

    Thanks for the post. Appreciate it 🙂


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