90s Video Games

Reminiscing on what my friends and i consider the golden age of everything (basically our childhood) here are our favorite/most played games of the 90s:

1. Re-Volt:

This is a radio controlled car racing game released by Acclaim Entertainment in 1999. Like any racing game the goal is to place 1st, but Re-Volt allowed for ‘prison rules’ to get to the top of the platform. You basically picked up weapons by riding over a lightning bolt hologram; and yes – you used these weapons to destroy your opponents and win the race!










2. Heart of Darkness:

Not to be confused with the book; this game was developed by Amazing Studios in 1998. You play as the protagonist character Andy; & go on a daring adventure to save his dog from The Dark Souls. These creatures are deterred by light; so keep away from the shadows or they’ll eat you up! In the end we discover that Andy & his dog are just playing; & the Heart of Darkness world is just the product of his imagination.






3. Grim Fandango:

Released by LucasArts in 1998; this game has an interesting take on the journey that our souls will follow once we pass into the underworld. You play as Manny Calavera (a grim reaper) and you have to solve puzzles in order to progress. Manny is trying to help his friend reach the 9th underworld (the final destination for souls). This journey can be long and arduous for souls who were bad people (they suffer). If you were a good person in life; you are supposed to get to the 9th underworld quicker in death. Manny & his friend do eventually get there.









4. Oddworld Abe’s Exoddus:

Released by Oddworld Inhabitants in 1998; this is actually a sequel to Abe’s Oddysee. It is one of the best two-dimensional games i’ve ever played. Obviously you play as Abe; he is a Mudokon. Your goal is to save all the Mudokon who have been imprisoned by Glukkons and their army of Sligs. The Mudokon slaves have been forced to work on Rapture Farms; processing meat from all wildlife to keep the Glukkon empire afloat. Soon; when the wildlife runs out; the Glukkons plan to process the Mudokon slaves as meat and brew; to keep production up. Save the Mudokons!










5. Hocus Pocus:

Developed by Moonlight Software in 1994; this is a side-scrolling DOS platform game. I think i was playing this game before i had learnt to write my own name (I had my priorities in order). You play as Hocus Pocus; an apprentice wizard who has to collect magical crystals to become more powerful; so that you can become a member of the Council of Wizards. This game did scare me; having to fight off mummies and two legged walking crocs. In the end you get your powers; and the main council wizard’s daughter; who you marry – bonus!








6. Half Life:

Even if you are 5% of a gamer you should know Gordon Freeman – its a household name in gaming. He is also the protagonist character you play as in this 1998 first person shooter developed by Valve Corporation. Your task is to secure an underground research facility. When an experiment at the facility goes wrong; a portal is opened up between earth and an alien planet. You have to destroy the portal before weird and wonderful creatures take over.










What were your most played games of the 90s? (I can hear an orchestra of people shouting that we left out Legend of Zelda – yes we played that too; and we liked it, but we played these ^ more).

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10 thoughts on “90s Video Games

  1. Used to love Transport Tycoon/Railroad Tycoon/Sim City type games. Baldur’s Gate as well as the X-Wing games! A lot of the old 90s games are coming back too with some being ported over to iOS, so now we get to waste time at work!

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  2. Final Fantasy is a long-running one, still going at 15 (they’re creating it atm, so I’ve heard) but I’m not sure when it started. Probably 80s. So I guess it’s out. BUT it was big in the 90s with 6, 7 and 8.


  3. GOG.com is releasing a remastered version of Grim Fandango! I might just have to pick it up. I love what Telltale is doing with adventure games, but those old Lucasarts ones have the added sheen of nostalgia.

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