Immortality on the Horizon

Wouldn’t it be great to be immortal? Think about it; there are going to be so many inventions/discoveries/events in the future that we will never see. In the greater scheme of things we are bound to a minuscule lifespan.

There are some creatures in nature that can heal themselves after being damaged; or they even age backwards! If we can bio-engineer a way to fuse their regenerative genes with ours; then maybe we can live longer, or forever! The creatures are:

Planarian Flatworm:

These worms are able to restore any damaged vital organ, including their brains. Experiments suggest that the enzyme responsible for the flatworms’ effective immortality is one known as telomerase. The telomeres are the protective “caps” found on the ends of chromosomes. As cells divide over and over, the telomeres start to fray (in humans). And when they get too short, the cells can no longer divide and replicate. This decay process is at the biological root of death of old age. An immortal animal (like the flatworm) is able to maintain telomere length indefinitely so that they can continue to replicate.







Turritopsis Dohrnii:

This immortal jellyfish is only the size of your pinky fingernail when fully grown. When starvation, physical damage, or other crises arise, instead of sure death, this jellyfish transforms all of its existing cells into their juvenile polyp state. Their tentacles retract, their bodies shrink, and they sink to the ocean floor and start the cycle all over again. Among laboratory samples, all the adult Turritopsis observed regularly undergo this change. And not just once: they can do it over and over again.









The Chinese tried to invent the elixir of life. They ended up with gunpowder (a happy accident that is responsible for taking life and not restoring it – how funny).

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3 thoughts on “Immortality on the Horizon

  1. Ah, immortality. If the cost is looking like a jellyfish–I’m all for it. But some part of me feels like eternal life might not be all its cracked up to be. I guess it depends on whether or not we’re talking about “live forever, CAN’t be killed” or “live forever, CAN be killed.” Anyway, great post; thought-provoking. #immortal #voldemort #ihatehashtagging


  2. Speaking of Voldemort… The idea of immortality really eff’d his outlook up and caused all sorts of terrible things. Maybe we should leave it to the flatworms and jellies and be happy with our tiny existence. Besides, judging by what is popular now, the music is just going to get worse.


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