The Last of Us

I know you loved the game! So; are you just as excited for the movie? Yes, apparently there is talk about ‘The Last of Us’ movie adaption taking place.



Guess what? That’s not the only cool news… Rumor has it that Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) has been suggested for the role of Ellie. That’s fantastic! She’s perfect for the role.



What do you think?

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9 thoughts on “The Last of Us

  1. It took ages for me to get through the game. I’m such a wimp that I would be too scared to play, or I would quit from fear. But the story was so amazing that I kept playing and eventually finished. I hope I have the courage to see the movie.

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  2. Well, seeing Maisie’s face and Ellie’s face in proximity shows me that yes, they do have faces. :p

    But seriously, yeah, I can see that working.

    I need a PS3. I want this game so bad. Alas I am poor. But it’s the first thing I’m buying when I get my first writer’s paycheck.

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