Alien Isolation

I cant wait any longer for this game to come out. Is any one else looking forward to playing Alien Isolation?

Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation

It is only being released on 7 October. In Alien Isolation you play as the daughter of Ellen Ripley. This all takes place 15 years after the original Alien.

Do you think you will survive?

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Dark Knight Hoodie

If you cant afford an entire Batsuit; then check out this comfy & fashionable Dark Knight hoodie:

Dark Knight Hoodie

Dark Knight Hoodie

This is going onto the Christmas wishlist. If you cant wait for Christmas and need to buy it now; then follow this link: Dark Knight Hoodie

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Giveaway – Competition!

It’s competition time on The Nerd Nebula! Are you ready for a freebie giveaway? Of course you are… So; i will be giving away some of my original artwork (as seen under Fan Art Friday) to one lucky Nerd Knight.

To enter into the draw you need to do 2 things:

1. Share this blog post link on any social media; and…

2. You have to beat my score on this free online game: Zombocalypse

Zombie game

Dr Slater’s score – Zombocalypse











I have provided the link to the game via my YouTube video (description) above. As you can see; i only managed to kill 347 zombies, which means you cannot rely on me for survival in a post-apocalyptic world; sorry :/ . You will probably beat my score within 5 minutes 🙂

Once you beat my score; post a screenshot of your killings tally in the comment section below (for validity).

The names of all Nerd Knights who qualify for an entry will be placed in my baseball cap; and one name will be pulled. Competition closes Wed 3rd Sep. I will dedicate a post to the winner; and be in touch with the winner via that persons blog; FB or Twitter (i will hunt you down to notify you – Agent Clarice Starling style).

Go now and kick some zombie butt! ‘May the odds be ever in your -‘ –> oh, wait… wrong community. I meant:

‘May the best gamer win!’ 😎

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Galactic Spy

I spy a… Galactic Spy! Check out this cool, cute and free Star Wars online game. It’s called Galactic Spy. A puzzle game where you are given missions to use your keen eyes to seek out targets in reward for payment:

Galactic Spy - Han Solo

Galactic Spy – Han Solo

Watto is the first character you work for:

Galactic Spy - Watto

Galactic Spy – Watto

Once you find a certain number of given targets; you can approach other characters who will give you bonus missions:

Galactic Spy - R2-D2

Galactic Spy – R2-D2

Eventually you will have enough points (credits) to unlock new areas; with new scenery/ characters and missions:

Galactic Spy - Mos Eisley

Galactic Spy – Mos Eisley

Even though this is more of a kids game; you can have a laugh at some of the fine details in the scenes. I found Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones with the gold idol – cool little Easter Egg. And check out this sand boarding Jawa having a blast:

Galactic Spy - Jawa

Galactic Spy – Jawa

Also; if you get bored searching for the droids you are looking for; you can always hit up an arcade machine in Tatooine:

Galactic Spy - Tatooine

Galactic Spy – Tatooine

Let me know if you find any other cool scene details/Easter eggs if you give the game a go 🙂 Here’s the link: Galactic Spy

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Hot Heroines

Have you ever lost track of a movie plot due to the appearance of hot heroines? Us too 🙂 Never mind; you can always watch the film a second time i guess. We have selected the following hot heroines (who distracted us most from the plot):

Milla Jovovich:

Milla’s character as Alice in Resident Evil is pretty bad ass. If there is a post apocalyptic/zombie world; sign me up on her survival team!

Milla Jovovich - Alice

Milla Jovovich – Alice











Carrie-Anne Moss:

Step outside The Matrix… Carrie played high-kicking Trinity in The Matrix trilogy. Some of us took the red pill; just to meet her:

Carrie-Anne Moss - Trinity

Carrie-Anne Moss – Trinity


Michelle Rodriguez:

Does she shift your gears? Michelle plays Letty Ortiz in the Fast and Furious franchise. Race with her, or against her – i’m sure you’re in for a thrill:

Michelle Rodriguez - Letty Ortiz

Michelle Rodriguez – Letty Ortiz











Angelina Jolie:

Are you hearing a British accent? That’s right; it’s Lara Croft! I’m up for a treasure hunt; as long as the artifacts we discover aren’t cursed:

Angelina Jolie - Lara Croft

Angelina Jolie – Lara Croft

Emilia Clarke: 

If it just got hot in here; it’s probably Emilia’s fire breathing dragons from her character (Daenerys Targaryen) in Game of Thrones:

Emilia Clarke - Daenerys Targaryen

Emilia Clarke – Daenerys Targaryen


Did i leave out your favorite hot heroines? Post a comment 🙂 there’s always room for more 😉

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Merchandise Monday #7

Here is my Predator action figure; still in the box:

Predator action figure



He is from Aliens vs Predators Requiem. There are different Predator variations in the film; like hybrids. But the normal/original Predator is still badass.

Predator action figure

Predator action figure


Can you imagine having a Predator friend as your body guard? People would take you more seriously i’m sure 😎

Predator action figure

Predator action figure


Do you have any cool nerd merchandise to share? 🙂

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Fan Art Friday #5

Today; my drawing for fan art Friday goes out to the sports world. This is my drawing of Jeff Seid. He is a fitness model and IFBB pro. I think he’s the youngest guy to ever compete at Mr Olympia (if im not mistaken):

Jeff Seid Drawing

Jeff Seid Drawing

So this fan art might be considered one for the ladies 🙂 but dont worry gents; i haven’t forgotten you (be patient).

Do you have any cool fan art to share?

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Nerd Struggle : Dating

Do you struggle with dating; as a nerd? This nerd is so funny with how he tries to break the ice with these chicks (i’m crying):

nerd struggle dating

Nerd Ice Breaker








It’s fantastic! And horrific :/ shame. Those chicks probably thought he was having a seizure or something.

What is your best nerd pickup-line? Did it work? Or how have you previously broken the ice as a nerd?

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Sweet Tooth

Do you have a sweet tooth? Me too 🙂 check out these cool custom lollipops:

Sweet Tooth lollipops.

Nebulae & Solar System lollies – Sweet Tooth

Some are 3D; others are 2D. Above are 3D lollipop depictions of different nebulae and solar systems/planets.

If that doesn’t tickle your sweet tooth then check these out:

Sweet Tooth lollipops.

Batman & Zombie lollipops – Sweet Tooth

Batman lollies; and zombie apocalypse lollies! So cool; i might not even eat these, but rather keep them as art.

Oh here we go… The website selling these marshmallows said they were decorated with cat/creature eyes. All i see is a kaleidoscope of ‘The Eye of Sauron.’ Oh and skull shaped lollies:

Sweet Tooth lollipops.

‘Eye’ marshmallows & skull lollipops – Sweet Tooth


How do you satisfy your sweet tooth? Check out the link below to buy your own:

Sweet Tooth Store

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