Ebola Transmission Simulation

So apparently the scope of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is greater than what statistics have initially revealed. I decided to use Plague Inc. to show the spread of a virus – particularly an Ebola transmission simulation:

Ebola Transmission Simulation - Start

Ebola Transmission Simulation – Start

The screenshots show that i started the Ebola virus in South Africa (where i live) so yes; i know it is not location specific to the current crisis.

Ebola Transmission Simulation - Spread

Ebola Transmission Simulation – Spread

I allow Ebola to be transmitted via air and water by evolving it (airports and harbors become pivotal areas to accelerate the transmission of Ebola).

Ebola Transmission Simulation - Apocalypse

Ebola Transmission Simulation – Apocalypse

With Plague Inc. the goal of the game is to first infect the entire world; and secondly kill the entire population by evolving the virus and making it lethal/preventing a cure: Here is a short video demonstrating the: Ebola Transmission Simulation.

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