Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited is a free game in the app store, and it’s really cool. I’ve been playing it all day & it has my Spider senses tingling:

Spider-Man Unlimited Cut Scenes

Spider-Man Unlimited Cut Scenes

The cut-scenes in Spider-Man Unlimited are done in comic book style frames to progress the story line. Nick Fury asks for your help, and gives you lives when you die in return for your help:

Spider-Man Unlimited In-Game

Spider-Man Unlimited In-Game

In-game you have to collect pills/vials of health/energy, and cover ground in meters to reach a certain goal (hunting down a villain) etc. Look at me beating up the Goblin 😎 :

Spider-Man Unlimited Gameplay

Spider-Man Unlimited Gameplay

The graphics in Spider-Man Unlimited are great, and i love that it maintains the integrity of the comic book style art:

Spider-Man Unlimited New Issue

Spider-Man Unlimited New Issue

If you’re not a fan of superhero games; then at least download Spider-Man Unlimited for your kids. It has a fun story; i promise it has lots of butt-kicking action! Get it now 🙂

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