Wonderputt is a free online game. As the name suggests; it’s adventure golf/ mini putt. What makes Wonderputt cool is the animated changing scenes after each hole:

Wonderputt Scenes

Wonderputt Scenes

Here is a video of me playing WonderputtHere is my best score on Adverputt (discussed below):

Adverputt Score - Dr Slater

Adverputt Score – Dr Slater


















Other great related putt games include Microputt and Adverputt. Basically you can personalize these 3D putt putt courses with your company logo; and you can add your social media links at the completion of each hole with pop up speech bubbles. Here is a video demonstrating what i mean; using MicroputtThis is my best score for Microputt:

Microputt Score - Dr Slater

Microputt Score – Dr Slater










Using Adverputt or Microputt is a great way to drive traffic to your site; and to engage with your users and viewers. Can you beat my score on Microputt or Adverputt? Test your putt skills by following the links:

Play Wonderputt 

Play Microputt

Play Adverputt

Have fun 🙂

✘ Hack It! ✘

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