Superimpose Saturday #7

The Maze Runner is now showing! How many of you prefer reading the book before seeing the movie? I’m a neutral when it comes to this. I have read books before the film release; and also seen the film adaptation first in some instances. I don’t think it makes a real difference; since i end up doing both (reading and watching) eventually anyhow:

The Maze Runner Poster

The Maze Runner Poster

I have run the maze! Well actually i just got lost/trapped in the Schönbrunn Maze and eventually got frustrated – so i decided to stay trapped while i rested and enjoyed my Pepsi. It was such a hot day that day; in fact my entire stay in Vienna (Austria) was marked as the hottest climate that i’ve ever experienced. At night i’d sleep with a wet towel over me with a fan blowing in my direction. When someone living in Africa tells you that a place is hot – its hot!

Lost in Schönbrunn Maze

Lost in Schönbrunn Maze

Eventually my brother got to a tree house outpost in the middle of the maze. With his aerial vantage point; he was able to guide me out of the maze; and he memorized the path so that he too could escape. Don’t underestimate this maze; it’s pretty tricky:

Schönbrunn Maze

Schönbrunn Maze

Has anyone else ever been lost in a maze/labyrinth (besides Harry Potter). Let me know about your experience; and if you conquered the maze! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Superimpose Saturday #7

  1. My friends and I got lost in a huge cornfield maze at a harvest festival once. We could have probably figured it out eventually but we were running out of time and had to leave soon. We ended up just slipping through the walls until we got out! (Luckily the corn wasn’t as thick as those hedges you had to contend with!)

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