Scariest Films of All Time!

Oh, the horror! Halloween is less than two weeks away! There’s no better way to celebrate a spooky holiday than with scary films! Here is a list of what we consider to be the scariest films of all time:

5th: The Thing:

I’m proud to say that i watched this film from start to finish (the remake). The reason this film scared me was that The Thing morphed into a human’s body; so you never knew who to trust (imagine that as a real life scenario). The only way to tell who is human and not an alien vector, is by looking to see who has fillings/metal on their body. Humans have metal; when the alien parasite grapples with a human host; it discards all metal. I have no fillings; so you’d probably consider me to be infected. Please let me know if the original was scarier than the remake:

The Thing

The Thing

4th: The Shining:

I never finished watching this film. I broke Usain Bolt’s world record when i ran out of my lounge during the scene when the twins come out of the elevator caked in blood. The whole ‘Redrum’ flex of the index finger made me want to never look at a mirror again. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ Well Jack Nicholson was not dull at all in this very convincing role; no wonder he’s the most nominated actor of all time.

According to my brother; there are scarier films than The Shining, but guess what? I have not seen the remaining films on this list; so i trust my brother’s feedback (i guess i’m not going to win a medal for bravery any time soon):

The Shining

The Shining

3rd: Nightmare on Elm Street:

All my brother could tell me about this film was that Johnny Depp’s character died by getting sucked into his mattress with a spray of blood. On a side note; Johnny Depp looked really cute in this film (judging by the Google images). Seriously though; we all know who Freddy Krueger is, and i’m sure you’d agree that you don’t want him in any of your dreams – good or bad. Again i must ask: was the original or remake better?

Nightmare on Elm Street

Nightmare on Elm Street

2nd: Paranormal Activity:

Apparently after watching this film you wont want your leg (or any other limb) to hang off the side of the bed when you sleep at night. My brother said he curled himself into a ball in the center of his bed when he tried to sleep at night – it took three nights before he has a full sleep. Was the original paranormal activity the scariest? How did the sequels compare? For a low budget film; Paranormal Activity destroyed the box office in a similar way to the Blair Witch Project:

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity

1st: The Exorcist:

To be honest; i don’t even want to put a picture of this chick on my blog. I’m going to have to stare at it for the next week until it disappears to the bottom of my blogroll. Alas, we must be brave and face The Exorcist! I have watched five minutes of ‘the making of The Exorcist.’ In those five minutes i saw a clip of how they made the scene where the girl crab crawls upside-down/back-to-front down the staircase. I’m so glad i don’t have a staircase in my house! Oh; by the way – my brother has not been brave enough to watch this film either. It must be scary!

The Exorcist

The Exorcist

As you can tell from the above list; our idea of scary is ‘never close your eyes and sleep ever again’ scary. I don’t consider films like Silence of the Lambs scary, because it is not paranormal/obscure. Also, before you reprimand us for neglecting many obvious Japanese horrors, we feel that the Western remakes of these films don’t do them true justice, or – the video game versions were far scarier than the film adaptions (e.g. Silent Hill).

Which film do you consider to be the scariest film of all time?

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15 thoughts on “Scariest Films of All Time!

  1. I was terrified when I first saw ‘It’ as a young teenager – it took me a couple of days before I would turn on a tap! I remember being scared witless the first time I played the original Resident Evil – the bit where the zombie dogs jump out! Arrgh!

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  2. All good classic picks. I was absolutely terrified of “The Exorcist” as a child (in the 70s). I watched it once and had nightmares for years. All I remembered was that posessed girl. I never watched it again until it was re-released in 2000. I went reluctantly to see it only to find that most of the movie is a character study about the priest and that the possessed girl is barely in it at all! I wasn’t scared anymore. Seeing a movie as a child, then as an adult is like watching two different movies.

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  3. I can’t do scary movies. At all. Heck, I can barely read scary novels. Because here’s what happens. I read or watch or play something scary in the middle of the day, with lights shining bright. I think “I’m okay, I can do this”. At night, I go to bed, and every scary thing I’ve ever read, heard, or seen comes back to me. So I’ve just stopped, for the most part. I make exceptions of course – The Last of Us was a notable one.

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  4. for me I still think Exorcist is the scariest movie ever , I think though your # 2 should be Insidious and then # The conjuring if you havent seen them check it out. The remake of Nightmare on Elm was good but they seemed to bridle freddy and focused to much on who he was compared to what he could do. The originals showed this much better.

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  5. In answer to your question, the 1982 version of The Thing is far superior to the recent prequel, boasting smart characters, tight direction by Carpenter, and some of the greatest practical make-up work of all time.
    Just check out this nightmare. I would advise you to stop watching at the 53 second mark if you are squeamish.

    Other good ones are the oft mentioned Psycho (1960), The Haunting (1963) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), The Omen (1976) and Halloween (1978), as well as more underrated efforts like Cape Fear (1962) and Targets (1969).

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    • I’ll agree that the original Thing was scarier, but I think that the prequel (not remake) was a better-made movie; it’s hard to come in and make a prequel that matches the tone of the original, leads perfectly into the start of the original, and doesn’t feel dated or boring.

      (If you think you might be okay with reading the story The Thing was based on, it’s called “Who Goes There”, it’s really more of a science-fiction adventure than a horror story, and it’s been in a ton of anthologies: )

      I also think the original Nightmare on Elm Street was better, but I was exasperated by the change of story focus in the remake, so it’s hard for me to judge fairly.

      Other scary movies that I would have loved to see get a shout-out: the 1971 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Session 9, and The Changeling. (I’m kinda getting the vibe that you only want supernatural scary movies, so I’m sticking to those.)

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  6. The final denouement of “Psycho” was terrifying – and I saw it coming.

    Actually, the scariest movie I ever watched was the original “Manchurian Candidate”. Not for the ‘boo-gotcha!’ factor, but for the long term implications. Essentially, the communist bloc powers sponsor and emplace a candidate for the U. S. Presidency – who is a communist agent mole.

    Yes, I know, no one is afraid of communists anymore. But consider a person being elected President who secretly has loyalty to an agenda to destroy the economic, political and moral strength of the United States. Scary.


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