Merchandise Monday #15

For today’s merchandise Monday; i give you a collectible book. Alien vs. Predator: Creature Effects Guide:

Alien vs Predator Creature Effects Guide

Alien vs Predator Creature Effects Guide

We know you loved the films as much as we did. With this book you get to delve deeper into the world of understanding how Alien and Predator were created from start to finish.

Predator Design

Predator Design

The book covers all the magic behind the scenes of the film; and how this transitions onto the screen. The content includes effects, design, sculpture, lab work, animatronics, painting and finally the deployment of the creatures on set.

Predator Sculpture

Predator Sculpture

Ian Whyte was the man inside the predator costume for AVP. He is a basketball player measuring 7′ 1″ (2.16 m) in height.

Predator Costume Fitting

Predator Costume Fitting

Which is your favorite Alien and/or Predator film?

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3 thoughts on “Merchandise Monday #15

  1. The first one was amazing, especially when Arnold “Dutch?” figured it all out and reverted to basic warrior tactics.
    The AVP movie had so much potential. Actually both of them did.
    I can’t wait to see where the franchise goes next.

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