Orc Attack

Gearing up for the final installment of the Hobbit this December? Then you have to play Orc Attack online!

Play Orc Attack

Play Orc Attack

Orc Attack is a physics game in which you are fighting orcs with your bow. The game is an advertising mechanism to promote the up-coming movie – The Battle of Five Armies. You can play as Tauriel, Legolas or Bard. Obviously i chose Legolas:

Choose Your Archer

Choose Your Archer

In the game you have to kill static and moving targets; including Orcs and Wargs. Be careful – they fight back!

In Game Play

In Game Play

There is a total of 20 levels to beat. You can get accuracy and health bonuses that carry through from level to level to improve your fighting odds:

20 Levels

20 Levels

Play Orc Attack now.

The Battle of Five Armies will be in cinemas from 17th December. Who is your favorite character from the Hobbit? In the book; Fili and Kili were my faves 😎

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5 thoughts on “Orc Attack

  1. At first I had a hard time enjoying the second movie in Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit. Once I decided that they weren’t actually the same story, I warmed up to the movie, which is why I’m looking forward to the third instalment.

    Favorite character from the book is Balin.
    Favorite character from the movie is Bilbo.

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