Fan Art Friday #18

Another all ink drawing! It’s my main man Freddie Mercury 😎 :

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury

I know there’s a lot of shadow on his face and such, but the reference picture was pretty dark like that; so don’t judge too heavy 😉 My fave Queen song is A Kind of Magic :

Queen Vinyl

Queen Vinyl

This is my baby vinyl single of the song. Has anyone seen the film Highlander ? I actually haven’t… Please let me know how it was:

Vinyl Back

Vinyl Back

Also; what is your fave Freddie/Queen song?

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8 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday #18

  1. Awesome drawing.

    Oh, I love Freddie so, so much. Could roar like a lion (which you’ve captured perfectly in the expression!) while singing like an angel.

    There are too many to choose from, but I think ‘Barcelona’ with Montsterrat Caballe is absolutely sublime.

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  2. We did ‘Highlander’ as the visual literacy film in school. It was OK but not great. A rocking sound track and a mediocre film. The swordplay was not brilliant and filled with silly things like making sparks with your sword. Basically BLUNTING your sword. In a fight to the death where the only way of killing your opponent is removing their head, the LAST thing you do is unnecessarily blunt your sword. Also if you are so out of control that you can’t stop blunting your sword, then you are probably the least immortal immortal around (ie dead) because you are useless. Lots of drama in the film, though I did see it about 25 years ago, so my memory may be sketchy…

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  3. Too many good Queen songs, so I refuse to pick one!

    I haven’t seen Highlander all the way through in a single setting… I keep seeing it in bits and pieces over the years, but I did pick up the Steelbook Blu-ray a while back so I really need to watch it. It is firmly in the wheelhouse of the kind of movies I like, and everything I’ve seen was good, maybe a little cheesy but good. I probably have seen more of the Highlander TV series, though certainly not enough to explain everything that happened there either!

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