Merchandise Monday #24

Imperial Monday! Check out this Darth Vader action figure:

Darth Vader Action Figure

Darth Vader Action Figure

























He is king sized too! I must admit; Disney is coming out with some pretty cool Star Wars toys. I’m not disappointed in their quality at all (hopefully this same standard carries through in the 7th film):

Size Comparison

Size Comparison

Has anybody else been exposed to the Disney line of Star Wars toys? What are your thoughts on price/quality?

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One thought on “Merchandise Monday #24

  1. Looks fantastic. Must admit that since being sold off to Disney, quality of the toys has been greatly improved. Now i dont know if the Black series were before Disney took over, but im a big fan of them. Large posable figures with interchangable hands and accessories. Plus the detail on them looks amazing.

    Also fairly sold on the new Darth Vader soon to be released by Hot Toys. I know its not really Disney making them, but since they’ve taken over alround, the quality is much better.

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