Living Toys

Do you think it would be amazing or scary if our toys could come to life? Even if we have given them a certain personality; that might not be who they really are if they came to life. Here are examples of some living toys that we’ve come to love and fear:

1. Small Soldiers

The Gorgonites were the good toys in this story; i’d love to have a few of them alive in my room. However, the Commando Elite would wreak havoc in your house:

Small Soldiers

Small Soldiers










2. Toy Story

Hardly any bad toys here (except that Lotso bear guy and the Prospector). Sid’s toys are also a bit scary with how they’ve been mutated. But all of Andy’s toys are welcome to roam my room:

Toy Story

Toy Story

3. The Indian in the Cupboard

Little Bear is the kind of toy you want stepping out of that cupboard, but when your friends meddle with your stuff and bring Boone to life; things can get a bit chaotic:

The Indian in the Cupboard

The Indian in the Cupboard










4. Ted

Ok; so i’m pretty sure that you either love Ted or hate him. I think he could be a bad influence, but there were times when he showed potential for love and loyalty:









5. Chucky

Do i even have to say anything? Absolutely not wanting this thing to come to life ever!












Would you ever want your toys to come to life?

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12 thoughts on “Living Toys

  1. But I could think of an android Data who could be programmed for pleasure on a holodeck in my dreams…sorry for the off color reply, given this subject and possible younger readers…imagine if you could create any toy and personify it as you wish?

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  2. I have a tribble. But just in case, I make sure there’s no Quatro-triticale (or other food) lying around. One tribble is enough! Funny thing, though. I have a pair of slippers that a couple of tribbles have taken over, so it must have found a snack somewhere.

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  3. You can’t forget about Annabelle! She was semi-terrifying in The Conjuring and got a movie all to herself later.

    I hate horror movies when toys come to life. I am okay with Small Soldiers and Toy Story.

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  4. Small Soldiers is a very under-appreciated movie. I don’t know if I would want any of my real-life toys to come to life, though… probably more likely to be a Chucky scenario than anything amusing.

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