Alien Concept Origin

The origin for the Chestburster xenomorph from Alien comes from screenwriter Dan O’Bannon:

Chestburster Origin Concept

Chestburster Origin Concept

He was inspired to write the scene after some fast food made him sick. Click here to watch the origin video of the scene.

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2 thoughts on “Alien Concept Origin

  1. This was fun to watch, but I think they missed the mark a little. It wasn’t just fast food that made him sick. Dan O’Bannon also had Crohn’s disease (a really awful, painful condition). I remember hearing that he was working on another script called “The Pain Clinic” that was also inspired (?) by his struggle with the disease. Poor guy. :/

    Well, on that cheery note… thanks for sharing! It was really to see where the design in Alien came from!

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  2. Truly awful, frightening, but classic video on YouTube, remembering the horror of that alien bursting from a chest…yeah, some serious indigestion could spawn such renderings…imagine the level of pain! Funny how creativity comes from the ordinary happenings of life. Good for Ridley Scott!

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