Fan Art Friday #19

I thought i would showcase some of my colour/graffiti work (since you may have gotten bored with the black and white drawings):

Dr Slater Graffiti

Dr Slater Graffiti

The above drawing is taken from my pseudonym ‘Dr Slater’ hence the syringe is inking the word (which is bleeding). Below; a friend of mine had asked me to design her name in graffiti style. I actually painted this one:

Shannon Graffiti

Shannon Graffiti

Does anyone else like graffiti as an art form? I think it can be really beautiful (when it is not along the lines of vandalism of course).

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3 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday #19

  1. Graffiti is a funny thing. It’s hard to endorse vandalism, but it’s impossible to deny it as an art form. I like when cities give graffiti artists places to display their work. At NC State University, they had a “free expression” tunnel as long as people didn’t attack others or leak outside of the tunnel, where you could paint anything you wanted.

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