What role would you play in the Star Wars universe?

Below is a diagram that will tell you what role you would be destined to play in the Star Wars universe:

Star Wars Occupation

Star Wars Occupation

If i had my choice i would be a Bounty Hunter or Jedi, but apparently im an Ewok Chief. However, im still pursuing a career as a Jedi:

Jedi Certificate Dr Slater

Jedi Certificate Dr Slater

What result did you get; and are you happy with it?

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19 thoughts on “What role would you play in the Star Wars universe?

  1. Apparently I’d be a Sith Apprentice. Apparently there’s a very fine line between that and Ewok Chief and the deciding factor is treatment of an idiotic Gungan. Lol

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  2. According to the chart, I’m an Ewok Chief… In my dreams I would be a Jedi Knight… but truth be told… if it all came down to it… I’m probably most likely to be Jabba’s Slave Girl… and not the attractive ex-princess type either!

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  3. okay first of all love that you have one of those certificates from Return of the Jedi! Second of all this is a very interesting little diagram depicting the hierarchy. I would say if I had my choice bounty hunters always have the most fun! So would that mean blonde bounty hunters have the most fun??

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  4. Reading through some of these, it felt like both choices weren’t for me for each choice, but hey there’s a gun to my head, gotta choose! Somehow I ended up with Bounty Hunter. I can’t imagine that happening.

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  5. I am a Bounty Hunter and pleased with this role! I always say justice to the guilty! Bring it on, future Star Wars Universe! I’m ready, just not in a metal bikini, please, like Princess Leia back then. That definitely wouldn’t work, even on the beach in Honolulu.

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