Indiana Jones

So we all thought that there was no hope of our heroic archaeologist returning after the negative feelings toward episode 4, but there have been rumors that Indiana Jones 5 is happening. I’m excited! I have no doubt that it’s a great franchise and can be easily resurrected:

Harrison Ford vs Chris Pratt

Harrison Ford vs Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is in talks to be portraying Indiana Jones for this next installment. It’s a difficult question to ask who you might prefer in the role… I think both men are equally handsome; and both do a great job in commanding leading roles. Who else is keen for number 5?

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11 thoughts on “Indiana Jones

  1. Pratt could pull it off. In an ideal world Ford would continue indefinitely but I need to face up to that never happening, he’s just too old now and they look to be moving away form the “Indy as a mentor to a young protégé” idea that the fourth movie was trying to set up.

    I think Nathan Fillion would also have been an interesting choice.

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