Game of Thrones Accessories

Season 5 of Game of Thrones is here my Nerd Knights! I know it’s always a long wait between seasons, but it’s always worthwhile. If (like me) you still haven’t developed any patience in waiting to revisit Westeros each year; then you need to get your hands on these cool Game of Thrones accessories to accompany you through the long and boring winter:

Targaryen Dragon Bracelet:

Targaryen Dragon Braclet

Targaryen Dragon Braclet










Who doesn’t love a strong leather bracelet? It comes in a package offer for men and women.

Faceless Man Coin:

Faceless Man Coin

Faceless Man Coin








I love Jaqen H’ghar. He’s a badass yet honourable character. However, i didn’t like it when he changed his face. Call me superficial, but his original face was sexier.

Dragon Tooth Ring:

Dragon Tooth Ring

Dragon Tooth Ring









Of the mythical creatures in the world of fantasy; im sure that dragons and wolves dominate the list of favourites.  A band ring is always appealing; and with this cool dragon styling it is a must.

House Sigil Pillow Cases:

House Sigil Pillows

House Sigil Pillows









Welcome your guests into your home with some proper Westeros decor. Scatter these pillows across your living room and immerse yourself in fantasy comfort.

Hand of the King pin:

Hand of the King pin

Hand of the King pin














Nobody should want to declare themselves as the hand of the king (since your life expectancy becomes drastically reduced). However, it’s a cool replica piece to have in your collection.

Westeros 4D Puzzle:

4D Westeros Puzzle

4D Westeros Puzzle










If you’re struggling to build or conquer your own empire in real life; then put some time into piecing together this 4D landscape:

Visit the HBO store today!

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6 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Accessories

  1. The Faceless Man picture above is actually the Chinese made knock off of the real thing. The original is darker and made of pure iron. Shire Post Mint made them and a lot more Westerosi and Essos coins; Entertainment Earth, ThinkGeek and other shops sell them, or you can find them on Shire Post Mint’s website (

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    • Thanks for the heads up! Us ordinary peeps struggle to tell the difference and often end up getting scammed this way 😦 as per Facebook, I’ll do a post next week on this 🙂


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