Your Pokemon Type

What Pokemon are you really? Find out using this chart:

Pokemon Type

Pokemon Type

I’m a fire and dark type, which doesn’t surprise me. My starter is always fire. An example of a fire and dark Pokemon is Houndoom. Share yours in the comments!



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31 thoughts on “Your Pokemon Type

  1. Let’s see… It appears I’m a Fighting type straight up. I can live with that!
    I could be Mankee because he’s a beast. Or I can be a Riolu. Yeah I like that. An adorable cuddly thing that’s a bar fight and a smile away from being freaking Lucario!

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  2. I’m a rock/psychic type. Somebody tell me what that even means. Am I a telepathic rock-pet thing? That means I have tacky-back googly eyes : (
    I’m jealous: my mom would be a fairy/fighting type. lol.

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