Jurassic Remains

If you have not yet seen Jurassic World; then squeeze it into your calendar! If you could have a skeletal display of any dinosaur or prehistoric animal, which would you choose?

Raptor Claw

Raptor Claw

Of course I’m going for the velociraptor! Look, I have a claw from one 😎

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13 thoughts on “Jurassic Remains

  1. I really enjoyed jurassic world but I would think by the fourth movie they’d learn the lesson that dinosaurs ain’t nuthin but trouble. If I had a skeletal display I’d have to go with t-rex. I’m a sucker for the classics.

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  2. I probably ought to see Jurassic World at some point; it sounds awesome! I just don’t know when I’ll have a chance. ^^; I’d probably go for the velociraptor claw too. Velociraptors are cool.

    Anyway, I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Just thought you ought to know! Your blog’s awesome.

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