Mooch is a single-person arcade game. Somewhere deep underground, Puppet Master creates minions to work as slaves in the deep mine. These little fellas don’t realize that there is a much bigger world outside the narrow corridors of the mines.

Lasers in Mooch

Lasers in Mooch

One of the puppets named Blink accidentally finds out that there is a free, beautiful, and colorful world outside. He decides to take matters in his own hands and to escape with his friend Tula. Unfortunately, they are caught during the escape. Tula is torn apart by machines and pieces of her soul are scattered all over the Puppet Master’s underworld. Blink is thrown into a prison deep underground to wait for his doom.

Obstacles in Mooch

Obstacles in Mooch

Our hero manages to escape the prison cell. Without hesitation, he decides to collect all of Tula’s soul parts in hope to revive her and escape towards freedom.

Mooch Boss

Mooch Boss

If you agree with me that this looks like a game of great potential; please give it the green light on Steam! 

✘ Hack It! ✘


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