DC Hero Height Comparison Chart

So a while back I put up a post with a height comparison chart of our favourite heroes. A fellow blogger has brought the DC Hero height comparison chart to my attention:

DC Heroes Height Comparison Chart

DC Heroes Height Comparison Chart

Rounding up (because we never round height down) my height most closely reaches that of Nightwing. He’s cool, I like his outfit. I could definitely go to work dressed like that every day. Looks comfy. Who is your height the closest to on the chart?

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22 thoughts on “DC Hero Height Comparison Chart

  1. Well that’s cool. I am the same height as Green Lantern, which is awesome because he is one of my favorite DC heroes…though I am also a huge Nightwing fan, so seeing him get highlighted in this post is also awesome. On the plus side, I also got my first Nightwing bust yesterday! Yay!

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  2. The closest to me would be Black Canary or Catwoman… Not sure I could pull off the outfits… And if I did not sure anybody would want to see me in them.! Although I’d be curious to see what I look like as a blonde.

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