Merchandise Monday #42

You shouldn’t get stuck in traffic with Robocop’s Ford Taurus police car! My brother and I dug up our toy car from the original Robocop:

Robocop Police Car

Robocop Police Car

The toy car we have is kind of beat up (because we actually played with it), only in our old age have we realised that we should never have played with some of our toys – buy hey, kids need to have fun and live a little too:

Robocop Toy Car

Robocop Toy Car















The toy Robocop police car is one of those pull/drag-back wind-up cars. When you release it; it propels the car according to the distance you cranked up on reverse:

Robocop Toy Car

Robocop Toy Car

We used wind-up cars like this as bowling balls; to knock over rows of lined-up villains. Do you have any cool vintage toys to share with us?

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5 thoughts on “Merchandise Monday #42

  1. I forget what they were called… but when I was a kid I had some cars that were meant to explode on impact. They had a bunch of snap-on plastic parts that connected to a spring-loaded thing that when you wound up the car and let it go… it runs into something, then all the parts fly off!

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