Disobedient Dragons

So I drew a parallel a while back (but am only blogging about it now). There are a lot of disobedient dragons in the universe.

At the end of this season of Game of Thrones; we see Drogon being disobedient. Daenerys Targaryen asks the largest of her three dragons to take her back to where she was just saved from (in the fighting pits), but Drogon ignored her request due to injury:



I don’t think a lengthy discussion about the relationship between Ash and Charizard is even necessary (I know Charizard is not necessarily a dragon, but he flies and breathes fire so πŸ™‚ ). Charizard initially never listened to Ash (because there was a lack of respect); and he only willingly battled opponents who he thought would be worthy of him (challenged him appropriately):











I love dragons – especially the tales of the ones found in Middle Earth. Who is your favourite disobedient dragon?

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8 thoughts on “Disobedient Dragons

  1. Good read! Dragons can never truly be tamed the way I see it, so the theme fits!

    While I don’t really have a favorite disobedient Dragon…I do enjoy the Dragon lore in Skyrim. I love how they a not just breathing frie/ice/lighting etc. but speaking (shouting rather) in their ancient tongue, and “fights” are really just deadly debates…

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  2. I think dragons are like cats; They’ll only help you if they want to or it serves their needs, otherwise they’ll act nonchalant. I can’t think of a favourite on the spot, although I love the part where Saphira gets drunk in The Inheritance Cycle. Smaug from the Hobbit is awesome too.

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