Cartoon Horrors

Ok seriously, some adults don’t know the trauma they beset upon their kids when they let them watch certain cartoons…

Sid from Toy Story

Sid from Toy Story

Everyone thinks Sid and his mutated toys from Toy Story are pretty scary, but they really didn’t bother my brother and I as kids (5 and 7). However, there is one cartoon that totally messed my brother and I up emotionally and psychologically. The Lady and the Tramp…

Siamese Cats from Lady and the Tramp

Siamese Cats from Lady and the Tramp

The whole movie had a dark/grunge tone to it, but that scene with the Siamese cats was akin to the twin girls walking out of that elevator in The Shining. To this day my brother and I cringe at just the mention of these cats… We tried to watch the scene now that we are older, but we couldn’t lol 😥 so creepy.


Why were you a part of my childhood 😥 it was perfect until you blemished it 😥 Did anyone else have trauma for life after watching Lady and the Tramp? If not, what cartoon do you think is worse than this one??

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12 thoughts on “Cartoon Horrors

  1. This is the first time I’ve heard of anyone being traumatized by Lady and the Tramp! A true first! Wow. I don’t remember being scared by my movies as a kid, though my parents were incredibly careful about what I got to watch. XD

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  2. One of my most traumatic cartoon moments was the climax of The Little Mermaid, where Ursula becomes a giant and there’s a storm raging. That whole sequence, leading up to her death, was nightmarish to my 6 year-old mind.

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    Holy shit did that MESS ME UP. I had this blanket I’d had since I was a baby, a red blanket with bunnies, it was sort of my security blanket. Yeah, I refused to even be in the same ROOM with it after that movie.

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  4. The Siamese cats use to scare me too, lol. For the most part though, cartoons didn’t affect me too badly. I was always more freaked out by puppets or people dressed in outfits. I think some of it was uncanny valley or just that not knowing who’s under the outfit. Films like The Witches and Return To Oz for instance. I remember that Ursula in the Little Mermaid use to scare my sister though.

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  5. I could not handle Toy Story because Woody tried to get rid of Buzz. As far as I was concerned, that was attempted murder. As a small child I was seriously uncomfortable with how Buzz could end up friends with Woody like it was no big deal Woody tried to kill him that one time. And it really bothered me that no one else watching even seemed to notice it.

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  6. Why SHOULDN’T villains be creepy? I think they’re a way to get kids used to the idea of evil, and how to face it. If they aren’t believably creepy or scary in some way, then they won’t accomplish that.

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