Merchandise Monday #46

Happy Monday my Nerd-Knights! How about getting some fire in your life! Check out my Charizard figurine! As you may or may not know, Charizard is my favorite Pokemon. This figurine comes from the Super Smash Bros. collection:

Charizard amiibo figure

Charizard amiibo figure

There are so many of these cool Nintendo amiibo figures available for the Wii U! Here are some of the other ones i’d like to get:

Nintendo amiibo figures

Nintendo amiibo figures

Do you have any of these amiibo characters, and do you use them when playing? Please share!

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12 thoughts on “Merchandise Monday #46

  1. Love collecting Amiibos! I was lucky enough to snag a Shovel Knight from GameStop earlier this week! Really looking forward to the Twilight Princess HD, as much for the game as the Midna/Wolf Link amiibo. Haha Congrats on nabbing the Charizard, some of those Pokemon Amiibos are as hard to catch as the Pokemon themselves. LOL

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  2. I have a couple of them. I really wanted the Fire Emblem characters, so I bought those. I bought a Captain Falcon because I really liked the outfit it unlocked on Mario Kart. And I have a Pikachu and a Charizard, because, you know, Pokémon 🙂

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  3. I have one Amiibo that I had to get up early in the morning to wait in line for: MegaMan. The only other one I bought was Little Mac, which was a wedding present for a friend that I also had to get up early in line for this summer. Supply was so short that I had to promise the kid behind me who saved up his lawnmowing money to be in that line that if they only had one, it was his.

    I’m more of a Disney Infinity/Lego Dimensions guy. I have all the Marvel figures for DI 2.0 and am just getting into Lego Dimensions which I just bought and can’t play because I have to wait on the Lego group to send me a replacement toy tag for a figure that didn’t work : (

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  4. Cool collection! I’ve considered starting my own collection of Amiibos, but then the cheapness sets in. I may try to get the Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong and/or Megaman (though I prefer his Japanese name, Rockman, personally) somewhere down the line.

    Incidentally, for those who are interested, I posted my own personal favorite Pokemon types a while back; if you like, you can check it out here:

    One of my favorite types is Dragon, because dragons are just plain cool.

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