Bio-Engineered Mosquitos

Now let me start off by saying that I may be wrong about this, but let’s just entertain it as a conspiracy theory for now… Last year there was some hype around mosquitos being engineered to completely eradicate malaria. Basically mosquito genes have been successfully altered to resist being infected with malaria – and this engineered DNA will then be organically passed down to subsequent mosquito generations to quell the spread of the virus with the hope to eliminate it completely in some regions.

Genetically Enhanced Mosquitos

Genetically Enhanced Mosquitos

Scientists want to release these ‘gene-drive candidates’ (engineered mosquitos) into parts of the world where normal mosquito populations flourish (they named the Middle-East and North Africa as test regions when i watched the news), in the hope that cross-breeding will eliminate the mosquito as a malaria carrying vector entirely (in the long term). This obviously sounds like hero work (and if malaria is truly eradicated that’d be great), but I can’t help but think there may be a sinister side to all this experimental gene engineering…

Engineered Virus Bio-Weapon

Engineered Virus Bio-Weapon

Let’s just entertain a conspiracy theory here (and yes I want to hear your opinions and why you have them), what if these mosquitos are a front for an actual bio-weapon? Maybe this gene engineering is a precursor to giving mosquitos an immunity to other scarier engineered viruses? Maybe the mosquitos are being turned into indestructible vectors to carry and spread an apocalyptic virus without harm to the mosquitos (and without detection, since no one would suspect a mosquito to be a weapon). But mosquitos can be a very real weapon. Malaria kills more people every year than any other infectious disease (Smart Global . So as an engineered weapon carrier; they really could detonate the apocalypse. Obviously mosquitos won’t survive in all geographic climates, so whichever country is engineering these bio-weapon carrying mosquitos, they will have to choose suitable countries to deploy their vectors. For example, look at the current crisis in South and Central America…

Zika cases

Zika cases

The Zika virus is currently being transmitted by mosquitos in 14 countries. The CDC has even issued travel precautions to those visiting: Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Martinique, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Suriname, Venezuela, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Pregnant women who have become infected with the Zika virus are at risk of having birth defects in their unborn babies.

“According to Brazilian health authorities, more than 3,500 microcephaly cases were reported in Brazil between October 2015 and January 2016.  Some of the affected infants have had a severe type of microcephaly and some have died.” – CDC

What do you think the potential and dangers are for mosquitos to be lethal engineered bio-weapons? How much weight does this conspiracy theory carry?

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7 thoughts on “Bio-Engineered Mosquitos

  1. I think this is plausible, but not necessarily probable. I see little motivation for this sneaky of an attack when we have so much more volatile and frightening ways of attacking each other. Although this could be more devastating than traditional weapons, big weapons that go “boom” hold alot more weight in scare tactics. Interesting idea though

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  2. Very x-files, I believe there was a similar episode about bee’s if I can remember. The concept has been used alot in sci-fi not something to disregard. I however would be less likely suprised if they used this for monetary gain, unbalance stocks or sell cures/inoculations etc. I also note that you have been playing that plague game, coincidence.. I think not ☺

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  3. Bio engineering is fascinating. Have been following Craig Venter and the breakthroughs at his lab for ages. I have 4 posts on this kind of science. Just click the bioengineering tag and they’ll come up for u. Really enjoyed reading this. Thx.

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  4. Interesting theory, and probably would be a very effective weapon. But I think the chance of mutation/spreading to other places would be too high, and that could also potentially threaten the makers if the mosquitoes make too many babies that travel a lot xP

    Also I don’t know if scientists would decide effects outweigh effort to create

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