Let’s Make a Satellite!

I’ve been trying to educate myself on how to build a satellite. I don’t want to spy on anyone, and I don’t want to commandeer any Earth media to make derailed broadcasts or anything, but it’d be totally cool just to have your own satellite roaming in orbit and potentially exploring space. The problem with this is; most satellites are only for near-Earth orbit.

PocketQube Kit

PocketQube Kit











So I would use my satellite to try to communicate with potential aliens (yes I know there are qualified people already using sophisticated technology on these sorts of endeavors, but can we trust that these people are communicating the right messages on our behalf hmmm? Exactly!)

PocketQube Board

PocketQube Board










So basically my satellite would communicate my message representation of humanity (brief history, a future projection of our needs, and how we might expect to collaborate with the receivers of the information).

PocketQube Panel

PocketQube Panel










After a Google search, and 3 ambitious links later, I have more knowledge on how to build my satellite. However, building it is not as complicated as having to launch/ get it into space successfully. Apparently at the least it will cost US$ 40 000, and it will only probably stay in orbit for about 1 – 4 months. That’s a huge short term expense. Anyhow, you can buy parts (or a full satellite) from PocketQube, but it’s still pretty expensive. Would you go for this or somehow build your own?

✘ Hack It! ✘

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