I Am a Strange Stranger – Poem

In this poem I’ve personified ‘Life’ as a stranger speaking to me…

I Am a Strange Stranger:

Am I strange because I’m a stranger?

Or because I’m not a normal exchanger

Of weird uniqueness?


Is it the look in my eye;

Or the song in my sigh;

That makes you recoil and avoid the toil

Of understanding a stranger?


Although…it is quite intriguing for me; to love a stranger I cannot see –

But it is the risk we take;

The promise we make;

And the fear we break; to show:


That as strange as I am you may get to know;

A stranger is a relationship that you didn’t grow.


“Come take my hand; take a chance,

An odd occasion for you to enhance

The beauty of your dreams;

For a stranger is imagination bursting at the seams.”


“Which other stranger can fulfill your life with such variance?

To offer the splendor of a new-new experience?”


“Strangely, we can live a happy life of trust –

Before returning to ashes and returning to dust.

Courage is a fear you’ve already accepted;

And by taking my hand I know you’ve rejected

The guiding journey of the map,

For a story you’d be more delighted to regale and to recap.”


I do thank you for your loving nature;

For the time we’ve shared,

And when you cared enough to give ‘belief’.


So, with the tatters of my life re-sewn

I’d dare to venture in the unknown – with you:

Broad and above is the uncharted reaches of your love,

And were it not for your love; I would dare to endanger,

This love I call ‘Life’ –

But Life is a stranger…


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