Why Other Potential Habitable Planets are so Far Away

I just realized something the other day; I figured out why other potentially habitable planets are so far away. Yes, this may be seen as a conspiracy theory, and if you don’t like that then treat this post as a science-fiction short story idea.

Wolf 1061c

Wolf 1061c

Firstly, you should know that our nearest potentially habitable exoplanet is Wolf 1061c, which is about 14 light years away. Ok, moving on… When organisms are cultured in a Petri dish, they are usually cultivated in isolation. Each organism/bacteria or mold is put into a separate Petri dish (this is usually to avoid cross contamination).

Potentially Habitable Exoplanets

Potentially Habitable Exoplanets

So maybe all the habitable planets in our universe are so far apart from each other (isolated) to avoid cross contamination of the different species being cultivated within each planet. Maybe, whoever is observing us wants to see how each species thrives in the same environment through independent evolutions (which species evolves the best under the same conditions). Like, there may be a species ranking/ leaderboard, where the best performing planets are ranked 1, 2, 3… I wonder where Earth/humans as a Petri dish/specimen combination are ranking on the universal leaderboard.

Do you think we could be living in the equivalent of a giant Petri dish or something similar? Please share your thoughts…

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14 thoughts on “Why Other Potential Habitable Planets are so Far Away

  1. A nice idea but when we talk about habitable planets, we are talking about habitable for us. There’s no reason to assume other lifeforms can exist on planets that we don’t consider habitable (like moons of Jupiter). If life exists on Europa, how do they figure into the petri dish ranking system?

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  2. To summarize, you believe all sentient species in the universe are separated on purpose? Isolated To avoid contamination?

    This is possible. Then again what are your thoughts on older conspiracy theories about UFO phenomenon and abductions?

    I personally treat everything as a great maybe until concrete evidence comes through. Speculation is fun. Right now I believe the truth of our species will come to light very soon. We have discovered modern man is much older than previously thought. Our origins and possibly real contact will come soon. (Or a formal announcement since some people believe they are here already.)

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  3. Diggin’ the analogy because it fits, even at a general level. I.e. the universe is a reflection of itself which in turn means that every part can relate to the whole in some manner.

    So this is why celestial bodies or things often resemble cell parts or even entire systems. For instance, a bare tree resembles nerve pathways in the brain. Plants have even been found to have nervous systems that respond to stimuli. Consciousness is what again?

    But in any case, it’s a good thing we haven’t spread too far! The universe doesn’t need anymore racism, sexism, Starbucks, McDonalds, or other wonderful systems produced by monkeys who oftentimes think very highly of themselves…

    At least we have potential =) just have to start cleaning up our act before we can engage our warp drives. Many blessings and thank you for the post!

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  4. You may be right that we’re just part of one giant Petri dish of many other Petri dishes spread out across the universe. Who knows in the distant future what may seem far to us now, may not actually be that far after all and we can go to these planets and find out if they’re actually habitable for human life. I have a feeling, we have a long….long….long way to go before that every happens.

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  5. I like this idea for a science fiction story. As for life on Mars, that was suggested by some alleged “microfossils” from a meteorite, but the evidence was disputed by the scientific community. Oddly, that announcement by NASA came at about the same time as a proposal for a manned mission to Mars. I’m a college biology professor, so I’m skeptical. My mind, however, races when I hear conjectures about extraterrestrial life.

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  6. Never thought of this before….now I’m deep in thought. Had always been content to recognize the vastness of space and that the large distance was needed to keep (solar) systems running properly. As I reflect more on the idea of a planned separation, I just hope that nobody drops penicillin onto our particular bacterial colony.

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