Escape to Freedom – Poem

This poem is a metaphor for being trapped/ trying to overcome adversity/ escape to freedom… It is not complete yet, but soon 😎

Escape to Freedom:

Thor’s hammer hit the clouds, sparking ominous light.

And the white-webbed arteries branched above the sky, in a moonless and starless night.


Whilst down into a ravine I descended, as the Lightning flares flashed across the sky.


Then suddenly a ghost appeared; behind a cloud – it was the moon, entombed by grey- fearing the growing thunder’s growl.


I was trapped in the ravine for endless hours of anguish. But my mind and heart were escaped to a better place.

My body too would not surrender to the land, not like the decorative littering of other surrounding corpses.


I began drudging forward through the waste, certain only of awaiting freedom. The coarse of the journey to that destination was what kept me fighting for the balance of my feet. Teetering over harsh terrain to fight the geographic servitude of randomly landing in this ravine.


Suddenly the moon broke free. Framed in the empty spaces between the swelling clouds. It’s light had found me and smiled upon me to grace me with directions to a safer path.


I bypassed other solemn life. However, not all joy was repressed by the ravine. The orchids danced a synchro scene as the wind whistled through their leaves. The trees bowed too, to tickle the sand, before rising up in majestic grandeur – a salute to hope, no doubt.


And I didn’t realize until I was in the eye of the storm that the easier path asked so many questions of me, of my patience and courage.


The night time treaty (of peace) between light and dark was violently overthrown as the storm seized up again to erase the moon from the sky.


Lost without light; a hooded wanderer then suddenly appeared across my path, offering eager hands of guidance. So softly I reached out to receive their loving touch.


Startled! – by a rogue rod of light impaling the ground so near to us, we recoiled to the shielding safely of a sturdy Boulder.


From our new vantage, the way-out appeared clearer. The wanderer with firmer feet, and having the high ground pulled at me to gain momentum as we climbed toward our freedom.


Nearer we got to the mark of escape, and I almost felt compelled to look back to see what tumult I had survived. But to avoid the same fate of Lot’s wife, I abandoned whatever was past and looked only forward with faith.

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