You found me…

Yes, I’ve been gone for 5 months, i didn’t mean to abandon you my Nerd Knights, but it was not in vain!!! I moved to a new country 5 months ago (now living in Sydney, Australia), and you’ll be proud to know that I’ve been doing my geek duty of catching Pokemon near the Opera House (among other things)…



I’ve hit up most the comic book and games shops already, and had my go at some arcade games, i was killing it with Terry Bogard!

Arcade killing

Arcade killing

















My friend and i destroyed a dinosaur FPS too, high scores on a few things, and i won a plush Pikachu 😎

Winning smile...

Winning smile…

















The geek culture and fandom following here is definitely way higher than it is in Africa, so it’s really awesome to finally find a like-minded community to roam with.



Yes yes, i touched it when they said i mustn’t… you would have done the same! Anyhow, you found me! And I promise i wont disappear again any time soon 🙂

✘ Hack It! ✘

13 thoughts on “You found me…

  1. Woah, you’re in Australia now?! (I’m in Brisbane, myself. It’s… kinda boring, actually. Figured I’d better destroy it (in my book :p) Though, they did shoot Thor: Ragnarok here a few months back. That was good. And Nathan Fillion’s coming here for Supanova in November!) You should definitely watch Good Game, if you don’t already. They film it down in Sydney in the ABC studios.

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  2. Welcome back! I admit, I did kind of wonder what happened. I like a lot of things about Australia (from afar here in the USA) but I wouldn’t like the heat there at all… if I ever move, I’m headed north towards the Arctic!

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  3. Welcome to Aus! Yes we do pretty good nerd stuff here haha. 🙂 I don’t know what the Sydney one’s are like like but the Adelaide Comicon and medieval festival are massive nerdy events I look forward to every year. Comicon somehow keep luring really good celebrities to our little old city (eg Benedict Cumberbatch, William Shatner, Richard Dean Anderson etc).

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