Cosmic Wanderlust – Poem

And there I stood, at the mouth of the precipice, and looked down into eternity. If only I could see a glimpse of the future there; in the dark backdrop, I could change direction for a more favourable outcome.

It showed me nothing but shadow at first. Then suddenly, as a deep well being spoken into, it heard my thoughts and echoed them back to me in question.

A mirror beyond the form, a mirror for the soul, to look deeper into our contents.

Hypnotised by the infinity of the drop, I gazed in the hollow space longer, blinking less frequently.

When I finally freely fell in, my body like a towel to black ink, I absorbed all the knowledge suspended in those empty spaces. As I accelerated still falling, the darkness fell above, and I was greeted by Light below me.

Suddenly I was no longer falling, but floating – in the universe. Surrounded by stars and planets and other cosmic wanderlust. Free to swim and see and know – wherever I pleased to float I could go…

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4 thoughts on “Cosmic Wanderlust – Poem

  1. All is just a mirror….. The mirror can only reflect the reality. The unreal we cannot be reflected. We can pretend, but the mirror will not reflect our pretensions. It will reflect only that which is the case.


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