Pokemon Go

Yes i know I’m late to be blogging about this (sorry), but as a Pokemon Master it’s still my duty…

Is this a joke?

Is this a joke?

I joined the game late, well maybe like 3 weeks after it launched? I’m currently level 23, just short of 24, but i haven’t been playing for quite some time (mostly because I still don’t have Charizard so I’m pouting about it)…

Near my work - abundance!

Near my work – abundance!

It’s strange how before the game came out, i’d always think to myself, ”yea, those would be my six Pokemon, they’re my fave, they’re so cool…” but when you actually play the game, your top six are totally not of your choosing (unless you’re willing to work hard, or should i say walk far), but otherwise if you’re just average into the game, your top six will mostly be determined by luck (hatching eggs, being in the right location at the right time).

My strongest Pokemon

My strongest Pokemon

When the game first launched, we went to the Sydney Opera House on the one Saturday, and literally everyone was consumed by the game – it’s one of those iconic moments, when people are no longer flocking for a selfie at a landmark, but rather to catch something rare…

People dressing up at the Opera House

People dressing up at the Opera House

I did try several times to take the Opera House gym, but its literally impossible, so many people are challenging it, it ends up actually like glitching and kicking you out – too much traffic. I have taken over other less crowded gym locations temporarily.

My Lapras defending <3

My Lapras defending ❤

Is anyone else playing/was playing? I chose the yellow team because i liked the whole instinct/intuition story behind it, then later i learnt my friends all chose blue just because it’s their favourite colour, how annoying.

Oh you know, just walking on water hoping to find a Gyarados...

Oh you know, just walking on water hoping to find a Gyarados…

What team are you on? Who are your top Pokemon?

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5 thoughts on “Pokemon Go

  1. I missed out on a Magmar at my local park about 3 times, damn thing never showed up. I tried to start with Charmander, but the bloody balls wouldn’t even throw. That’s the one thing that needs to work! It was right out of the gate and I gave up after an hour (on the bus) in frustration and got a Bulbasaur instead. I also missed a Pikachu that day.

    I eventually got my Magmar and Charmander, though. 6 months later. Almost saw a Hitmonchan, too. The Magmar I thought ‘eh, that’s probably a ______, but I’ll check anyway’ and BAM! I couldn’t believe it! Finally, after so much frustration!

    Still only like, level 14 or 15 though. Just don’t have the data for this.


    • My brother and I both went with Mystic, without consultation, and I *think* my friend (our mutual friend, we go back to when we were all in primary school together) might have too, I’m not sure.


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