Fandom Diorama Scene Creations

Ok, lets all just admit that we play with our toys (action figures, plushies) you name it, yes i’m not referring to the special ones that are still in the box…

The Force is  strong with them...

The Force is strong with them…

Some of our fandom-following friends have gone to town on instagram (follow @fandelafandeli), taking the trouble to capture an action scene unfolding in a perfect second:

Who is your money on?

Who is your money on?

I could probably pull off something similar with micro-machines, or with Pokemon plushies. Most of my action figures are back in South Africa so i’m pretty limited for the time being.

The moment of impact

The moment of impact

Is there anyone in Sydney reading this who has some merch? Maybe we could pool resources to pull off our own fandom action sequence of shots? Let me know 😎

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3 thoughts on “Fandom Diorama Scene Creations

  1. I used to play with my toys and action figures a lot. I admit it. I liked to pretend that all of those fictional characters (Superman, Luke Skywalker, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo, etc.) all lived in the same neighborhood like on Marvel’s Super Hero Squad Show. Yeah, i’m kind of weird.

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