Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare

You know i have a zombie addiction… Man this game is so cool, although i must admit i’m still getting used to the control settings, i panic when i see a zombie in the periphery and then i end up getting killed by one that pops out in front of me:

I lasted 16 seconds :(

I lasted 16 seconds 😦

The game is free in the app store. Basically you just run and kill zombies and see how long you can survive with the weapons you have.

The zombie infested forest

The zombie infested forest

Initially your only weapon is your fists, but as you collect blood droplets you can unlock weapons with a bit more kick.

I got a nail gun :D

I got a nail gun πŸ˜€

Who left a barbed wire trench in the middle of the forest? Seriously i keep gravitating towards it, get stuck on it, and it throws off my whole survivalist strategy (yes i’m making excuses for doing so poorly).

What’s your most meters covered/how long have you survived?

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