My Movie Loglines

So i’ve finished writing my first screenplay, some close friends/family are just helping me edit it at the moment. I want to share the log-lines for my other movie/screenplay ideas with you…

Movie Loglines

Movie Log-lines

1.A power couple faces a tug of war with potential business partners (the US government). When the government becomes coercive, the couple (who has the resources to do so), blocks off their play in an impetuous bank robbery; by stealing the frozen contents of their own safe deposit box before the government can do the same.

2.A group of childhood boys are coming of age as they pursue perilous adventures throughout       their youth. Eventually, their foolhardy behaviour results in a fatality, which shocks them into adulthood.

3. A heavyweight boxing champion gets into the ring with the vengeful semi-professional son of a boxing legend whom he killed 14 years earlier in his career.

4.An ambitious janitor embarks on a journey of self discovery. Transformed, he returns home and uproots the world around him as a tyrannical business tycoon.

5.A moonlighting private art collector will only give up his technological trade secrets to a desperate entrepreneur billionaire; in exchange for a valuable portrait masterpiece, which needs to be forged and stolen.

6.The victory of a successful manned Mars landing is short lived when disaster on the return journey to Earth brings out horrific human instincts of primal survival.


Let me know which one you think is best, or rank them 🙂 thanks!

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10 thoughts on “My Movie Loglines

  1. 6 totally sounds like, “The Martian” if the return journey went as bad as they were worried it might in the book. Like an, “Alternate Ending if the Chinese hadn’t pulled through” horror movie.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve read #2 somewhere. Probably in highschool.

    #1 sounds like it has the most potential for fascinating science AND intrigue. What’s in that safe deposit box?

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    • #1 is the most interesting to me, as it includes the possibility of: Fascinating Science/Wonder (What’s in the box?), Intrigue (Political AND Heist), and that rarest of Hollywood birds–dare I even mention it?–Married Couple Romance/Teamwork. Also, the possibility for a happy/better world ending.

      I think the log line itself would be better without “(who has the resources to do so)”, for two reasons. First, because it’s obvious they have the resources if they do it, so it’s a redundant statement. And second, because saying they have resources makes it sound like they are rich, and conceptually rich people are unsympathetic characters. They can BECOME sympathetic characters, once we get to know them, but outside context of the story “wealthy” as a descriptor does not bring up positive emotions. At least, that’s my intuitive response to it. The first line might need work as well, as the parentheses on US Government are a bit awkward.

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    • Number 2 will be a true story of what my dad and his friends did growing up 🙂 and I’m actually finished the screenplay for number 1, so instead of spoiling it I’ll probably put the PDF up in a near future post for everyone to download and read 🙂

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