Well you guessed it! My friends and i (a bunch of atypical nerds) decided to start a blog where we can have fun – being our weird selves – and rally a community of Nerd-Knights (yes YOU) to our cause. Our cause is simple: specialize in having fun; and let your inner nerd get to its final stage of evolution!

The Main Nerd: Dr Slater

My name is Kirsten Slater (aka the chick with the cap), i am the main up-keeper of The Nerd Nebula. My mates contribute indirectly with unacceptable shenanigan-izing, which i blog about. Do you know what makes for a sexy selfie? A sexy background! Check out that autographed LOTR poster! (featured under ‘Merchandise Monday‘).

Dr Slater - The Nerd Nebula

Dr Slater – The Nerd Nebula

Here is my Gravatar Profile: http://en.gravatar.com/drslater06

Ask me anything you want under the comments section or on twitter @drslater06 (direct questions OR if you want me to promote something of yours in a post; i will 🙂 as long as it ties in with the Nerd Nebula somehow – the Nerd Nebula does not want any black holes).

Go forth now; pass GO and collect 200 —-> go and conquer the world my fellow Nerd Knights!


✘ Hack It! ✘

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  1. http://sliceofgames.com/

    Slice of Games is a community focused website that helps prospective video game developers learn what they didn’t know, they didn’t know. We share powerful information about the development of games, we aren’t concerned about funny videos or the shiniest new trailer (unless it’s a critique). Instead, we aim for each article to be actionable information that our readers can immediately put to use.

    If you’d like to give us a shoutout, it would be greatly appreciated!

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  2. Hello there, I am really interested in your site and enjoyed seeing the latest R2-D2 as I came across your site. I have recently started a Star Wars related project (I’ve never seen the films and so this year I’m going to watch them, live tweet my reactions, and blog about them over on @feelingtheforce and feelingtheforce.wordpress.com) as part of the project I’m inviting anyone and everyone who has an interest in Star Wars to write guest blog posts and wondered if you or your team might be interested in doing so. I am open to suggestions as to what you write about or alternatively I can suggest some possible topics, you would of course also be welcome to promote your site as part of the post. You could also do an interview as well as or instead of a blog post. I would be really excited to welcome you on board if you are willing.

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    • Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by! We are always up for Star Wars. I schedule my posts on weekends; so if you want me to write something for you it will be this weekend.


  3. Hey Dr Slater! Since you liked my previous article, I thought you might like to take a look at this one — https://stickybunton.wordpress.com/2015/03/19/top-5-upcoming-games-of-2015-that-i-couldnt-give-half-a-sht-about-2/
    If you think it’s any good, maybe you could give us a shout-out? Our page is just beginning to really get going in earnest so we’re still pretty small (we’ve got four whole followers! haha) and could use any help we can get in getting the word out. I spent some time looking over your blog, and you seem pretty cool… I imagine a lot of your readers might like our stuff too. Any good word you could give us would be enormously appreciated! And thanks again for the like!

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  4. Hey what’s up Doc! LOL!!! Thanks for the like at Billy Game Day! IT about made me bust with happiness when I saw this on my web page. nerd nebula looks super FUN – I would fly my space ship here if I could. But for now I will just look at this grate page! Anyway, keep it reel!

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  5. Got your like on Dawn Patrol Part 2, much appreciated! Part 3, the final part will go up next Tuesday. I am considering a novel based on the Professor character that could lead to a series of novels with him as the protagonist. I will check out your blog in more detail but have to work right now. Have a good one!

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  6. Hi Kirsten. Thanks for coming to my Swamp’d site and reading Chapter One of Timegate. I’m glad you liked it. Nerds are the best. I write about nerds in my novel all the time. I’m a nerd. Yay!

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  7. Hi Kirsten,
    Thanks for visiting my website,
    You hit the nail on the head when you wrote, “One of the best means of escapism – film. Are you fighting the battle against reality just like us?”
    Yes, I’m fighting the good fight. Watching all 177 episodes of Star Trek TNG again. Loving it even more.
    I’m a clinical psychologists. After a day of hearing others’ problems, TNG goes on as soon as I come in and I announce to my wife, “Let’s Jean-Luc it!”
    My novel, The SHIVA Syndrome, was another avenue of escape…until it turned into endless rounds of editing with the publisher. Next to a good cruise, I loved escaping into the world of SHIVA where all thing become possible.
    Be well and prosper.

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  8. Speaking of things nerdy…

    “Inside the Great Rose Bowl Hoax” has been e-published on Amazon at 99 cents. It’s not very long. The author has included some pictures. I’m in one of them.

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  9. Thanks for liking my kids’ #BlogBattle Stories! We are a nerdy family, proud of it. It’s always a pleasure to run into other nerds outside our own nebula! So cosmic that we ran into each other. haha 🙂 Thanks again!

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  10. Hello. My I’m Cool with That blog is a reminder that we as writers need inner strength because inspiration comes and goes. Please come back more often and tell all of your friends. Take care.

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