Random (and sometimes interesting) posts for nerding(s):

Geek and Gamer Zodiac

Geek zodiac




Pet Peeve #1

8 bit dinosaur



Pet Peeve #2

error message




Jedi Knight

Michelle Rodriguez Jedi





Photographic Memory

Google Creep






Real Life Movie Sets

Pet Peeve #3

Technical Problem



Baseball Empire

Lego Chocolate

Lego chocolate





Apocalypse Supplies

Job Interviews

Nerd Dating

Evil Mario

Liebster Award

Wealthiest Fictional Characters

Superheroes Designed as Robots

Piggyback Pro

A Fandom Car

Ford Mustang




Lego Couch

Real Life Zombies

Superhero Skin

Scale of the Universe


Happy Birthday Elvis

Your role in the Star Wars Universe

Brave Surfers

Body Armour

Hungry for Animation

3 Little Pig Parody

Life Hacks

Writing Dynamo

Merchandise Craving

Easter Cosplay

Music Mania

Middle Earth on Earth

How old are you?

Lego candy blocks


What RPG character are you?

Your Pokemon Type

Women of the Rebellion

Fandom Cakes

DC Hero Height Comparison Chart

Visualising Numbers

Star Wars at Madame Tussauds

Facehugger versus Headcrab

CIA declassified UFO sightings

Star Wars Identities Exhibition


✘ Hack It! ✘

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