About My Writing:

I love fiction; science fiction; action; suspense; crime & mystery. I generally write on any of these genres for my novels/ comics & children’s books. Dominant influential topics that shine through in my poems are the need for urgency (time), humanity vs. nature, the universe/astronomy; and love (and the disappointment that sometimes comes with it). My work is posted under ‘My Printing Press.’

slater poems


Other Writers:

If you are a writer of any genre or form; i would be glad to post about your work! Just send me your link/tell me what you need in the comment section below or tweet me @drslater06. I will feature your work under ‘Read That!’

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7 thoughts on “Literature/Poems

  1. Hi, Dr. Slater. I noticed you liked my current serial, Silent Clarion. Would you like a free electronic copy of my Without Bloodshed to review? If so, email me for details. I can provide EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats.


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