Read That!

If you are a writer of any genre or form; i would be glad to post about your work! Just send me your link/tell me what you need in the comment section below or tweet me @drslater06. I will feature your work here:

The Mewlips

The Mewlips





Sonnet 35

sonnet 35





Brandon Chen

ABCD Animal Book

✘ Hack It! ✘

One thought on “Read That!


    “As it became obvious they were not about to plunge to their deaths just yet, Bill gingerly took his hands off the steering wheel and rubbed his chin. He slowly opened the window and stuck his head out. There appeared to be nothing holding them up apart from the inky night air.”

    In September of 1996, a collection of speculative fiction authors founded Vision Writers. Now, in celebration of eighteen years bleeding on the page, we present 18, a collection of stories showcasing our best emerging talents.

    Featuring cave crocodiles and spell absorbing beards, a séance with soul, a night in a gypsy caravan to make all your wishes come true and a journey through hell that will make you swear to be good. Come with us to rebuild the world clock, face the dragon queen and hide from the thing under the bed.

    Assuming you can escape the floating car…


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