Oneof the best means of escapism – film. Are you fighting the battle against reality just like us? Turn on that TV! I’m not just talking about watching something for a few hours; really try and escape there – like ‘The Pagemaster‘ vibes. Get involved 🙂 :


Fierce Fiction Wolves

Jawa Mystery

Sinister Symbols

Fantasy Maps Conspiracy

Cute Alien Creatures

Vader For President

Captain Marvel


The Last of Us

Deus Ex 

Hot Heroines

Scariest Films of all Time

Superhero Movie Schedule

The Walking Dead

Silence of the Lambs – Bite Mask

Shadow of the Colossus Movie

Killing Behemoths

Ratchet and Clank Movie

Living Toys

Indiana Jones

A Cry for Help

Zelda Netflix Series

Lego Matrix Lobby Fight Scene

Wisdom from Cartoons

Mad Max Cars

Blockbuster Quiz

Jon Snow’s Death

Disobedient Dragons

Cartoon Horrors

✘ Hack It! ✘

5 thoughts on “Movies/TV

  1. The dictionary speaks of escaping FROM. My escapism is escaping TO. To worlds and people I could never know in my daily world. (FYI: Mine is a happy one; Heck, until recently I worked for Boeing and NASA on once-scifi projects & now write SF.)

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  2. Sad that you can’t go around a-viking? Watch the History Channel’s Vikings.

    (My five favourite shows at the moment are Vikings, Falling Skies, Community, Supernatural, and I thought I had another but I might have miscounted.)


    • I remember what 5 was: Danger Five. It’s an Australian comedy series set in the era of WWII and the boss is a bald eagle who orders the team of five to exotic locations with the objective of figuring out what’s wrong, fixing it, and as always, kill Hitler. There’s dinosaurs, zombies, nazis, moreau’s, and every episode, one guy has a friend die in his arms but not before they can give him their favourite alcohol recipe. And Hitler always manages to jump out the window. Every time.

      One time there’s even a Megazord type robot. And another time they don’t have weapons, but that’s okay, because they can shoot the badguys with the power of imagination.


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