Nerd Merchandise

Do you have a collection of goodies? We do too 🙂 And hey; if you don’t have a collection yet – or if you’re greedy for more – you are at the right page! We feature our merchandise under ‘Merchandise Monday’ and we recommend stores from where you can get your favorite goodies under ‘Buy That!’

life size Boba Fett


Oh; that’s just my brother ^ with Boba Fett. Lucky scoundrel…

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3 thoughts on “Nerd Merchandise

    • I think its the fact that the Star Wars universe is so expansive; there are stories within stories – like a full on historic timeline. Most books/movies just start where they start and end when they end. Thats why i like star wars/ lord of the rings etc. these are like real living parallel worlds to ours.


      • That’s a very good point ! Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and even Chronicles of Narnia are like that. But I didn’t really feel it like I did while watching Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings

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