Fantasy ‘Maps’ Conspiracy

I have detected a formula for creating fantasy maps! As explained in detail below; the synopsis is that you must have frozen land to the north; desert land to the south; greenery & mountains mixed in the middle; and there must always be a body of land/island off the main ‘map’ coast…

I love both Lord of the Rings & Games of Thrones, but my favor is leaning to LOTR here (since it was my first love whenever true love became conceivable to me; and the obvious – Tolkien came first). I will now dissect the maps individually starting with Middle Earth (LOTR):


The ‘Icebay of Forochel’ is to the north; as is ‘Forodwaith’. It is 100 leagues north of the Shire and a region of immense cold, which emanated from Morgoth’s evil cold from ancient times.

The middle is a mix of forests, green lands and mountain areas (too many to be named, but you can see them on the map).

To the south we have ‘Near Harad’ and ‘Harad’. Haradwaith is also referred to as ‘the sunlands’ as it is a hot, arid region.

Valinor is a land to the west of Middle Earth; separated by the sea. Numenor was an island between these two locations but it sank.

Now Westeros (GOT):

tumblr_mrlq7epmAV1qiaihgo1_1280Here again we see that the coldest lands are to the north (Winterfell; The Lands of Always Winter; The Wall etc.).

A mix of forests/ green lands and mountains in the middle which we wont go in to.

To the south we have Dorne – a really hot, arid location! It features the only desert on the continent of Westeros.

I wouldn’t call Essos an island, but like Valinor it is a body of land separated by sea from Westeros.

So; am i wrong or crazy? I’m not saying anyone copied anything… but let me know what you think?

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