Modern Flower Child

When art meets nature… We are left with the most amazing jewellery crafted by Modern Flower Child.



All items are hand-made. Every piece of jewellery is unique since no two flowers/natural items will ever look the same or set the same when left to harden in the resin:



I really want a bark or fern item, it preserves the natural beauty perfectly, and hopefully indefinitely. If you wish to get your hands on this cool jewellery, you can make a fashion statement by buying some at Modern Flower Child.

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Star Wars at Madame Tussauds

If you are living in or around London you have to head over to Madame Tussauds, because they’re showcasing some awesome Star Wars scenes!

Star Wars Attack of the Clones

Star Wars Attack of the Clones

I went to London about 5 years ago, but they didn’t have the Star Wars section back then 😦

Star Wars Jabbas Palace

Star Wars Jabbas Palace

Overall there are 11 Star Wars scenes and 16 Star Wars characters  over a range of all 6 films to immerse you in this lovely sci-fi universe. The accuracy looks amazing.

Star Wars Han Shot First

Star Wars Han Shot First

Has anyone been to London’s Madame Tussauds recently to see the Star Wars scenes? Please share your pics!

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Those Feelings

I cannot remember much of much

For nothing has had the worth of such

To be remembered.


It’s only my mind whose fleetful thinking

That will keep my heart from deeper sinking

But a moment is a moment that will pass.


Dreams follow dreams after each has fled

And after each chase my sorrow is shed

But I cannot hide in those worlds.


Not in the Snowglobe of activity

But outside I dwell; observing with liberty

The buzz and chaos of the world.


Alone, just let me be

Without any noise or company

Loving the melodies of silence.


Imaginary, hope of mine

Cannot dispel my fear of time

Nor failure, nor the disappointed reflections of thine eye.


Oh time machine of day to day

It is you who has brought me to future dismay!

Is life a gift or burden…?


It is the human touch of tarnish-potion

That has left me bleak without emotion:

Human morals are yet to evolve.


I’m consoled only by nature’s gentle touch

For I have never experienced anything as radiant as such

As by being kissed by the beauty of a sunset.

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Fan Art Friday #26

Jesse Walter was kind enough to share some Star Wars fan art with us. I believe these were from his high school days:

Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker

Both are sketches, and I think they were done in graphite:

Ben Kenobi

Ben Kenobi

Jesse has art talents that extend beyond the pencil. He is qualified in the areas of game art and design (2D and 3D modelling), level design and animation to name a few.

Visit Jesse Walter to find out more about this talented artist.

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Fan Art Friday #25

We survived another week, and if that’s not reason enough to bring cheer to your day, here is an all ink action hero – just for you!

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Drawing

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Drawing

All in all it took me about 8 hours to draw Dwayne The Rock Johnson. The reference was taken from Fast and the Furious. It is A4, all ink, one pen (and one pencil initially). Here are the transition artworks for the work in progress:

The Rock Work In Progress

The Rock Work In Progress

We love you Hobbs, “Daddy’s gotta go to work.” 😎

Fast and Furious Fan Art

Fast and Furious Fan Art

I hope you love muscle, action and fast cars! Happy Fan Art Friday 🙂

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Fan Art Friday #24

As per the Merchandise Monday #44 post, I am celebrating the Star Wars Rebel Fleet this week…

Luke Skywalker Drawing

Luke Skywalker Drawing

This is my completed all ink drawing of Luke Skywalker. To see the work in progress of this drawing you can refer to Fan Art Friday #22 

I have other work in progress pictures for this, but i didn’t want to swamp the post with them. The pilot outfit is my favourite look for Luke – even though he is a Jedi and probably should be depicted with a lightsaber (in a traditional rendition of his character – but not today).

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Visualising Numbers

I thought of something a while ago; and I only managed to experiment with it recently. We all write down and read numbers in the same way (depending on how your culture learns to read and write). For example, I am English speaking and therefore read left to right; knowing that ‘0’ is a place-holder etc. and we write long division/multiplication etc. in similar acceptable defined ways.

The difference comes in when an individual visualises numbers in their mind. I know this sounds strange (and you’re probably visualising a sheet of paper with numbers written on it from left to right; and thinking ‘there’s nothing significant about that’).

However, there is something significant about how we visualise numbers in our minds. Forget the piece of paper, and forget about what numbers look like when you read and write. Close your eyes and count from 1 to 10 in your head. What did that sequence visually look like in your mind? Now think of the entire series of numbers between 1 to 100. What does that gap look like? How is the sequence laid out or filled? I asked a few of my friends to draw exactly how they visualise numbers in their minds – this was the outcome:

Me – Dr Slater:

Dr Slater Visualising Numbers

Dr Slater Visualising Numbers

For some reason; I stack groupings of numbers in zig-zag formation in my mind (going up then right). Initially, with smaller numbers, the separator stack will be a series of ‘teen numbers. As place holder groups get larger, I stack groups of similar 10s together (thousands go together, ten thousands stack together etc. where every subsequent stack is a zig or a zag in the overall counting sequence).

Dr Slater Summary Visualising Numbers

Dr Slater Summary Visualising Numbers


This chick is crazy (in my opinion), because trying to immerse myself in how she visualises numbers in her mind causes my eye to twitch. She initially counts left to right in groups of 10s, but then eventually her sequence snakes between groupings of 10s (she starts counting right to left).

Nomti Visualising Numbers

Nomti Visualising Numbers


Ryan is very practical and straightforward in the way his mind visualises numbers. He counts left to right and stacks groups of 10s together going down. His mind is largely uncluttered by crazy sequences like mine. If you tell him to visualise just one number; he will only have nearby milestone numbers surrounding that number (to give it context in the overall numerical sequence).

Ryan Visualising Numbers

Ryan Visualising Numbers


Danny is similar to me in that there will be at least one stand-alone sequence before he starts stacking 10s of numbers (going down).

Danny Visualising Numbers

Danny Visualising Numbers

Some of you are probably bored or weirded out by me wanting to visualise numbers in my mind. I can reason with that – I also find numbers kind of boring. However, there has to be some deep interesting explanation as to why we all visualise numbers differently in our minds (and this is what truly intrigues me). The way in which each of us visualises numbers probably has a profound output in determining an individual’s analytical capabilities and problem solving abilities. For example; IQ tests usually determine how a person’s mind works (well or not), and not necessarily what you know (it’s not general knowledge or memory based etc.). Based on how I visualise numbers; you might think my mind is cluttered and poorly organised; and therefore my mind does not work well (low IQ). There is no admissible evidence to prove this link in my theory, but I do have hap-hazard thoughts!

Is there an expert in any relevant field related to this who can shed some light on this? Thanks guys!

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Natural Selection Evolution/Advancement Gap

I’ve discovered a very critical gap in human advancement (I’m not referring to the missing link; and please note – when i speak about ‘natural selection’ I am including non-biological inheritance as well; such as perfecting technological processes over time etc. based on existing knowledge and applications/studies of former generations uses of those technologies, sciences and medical practices).

Natural Selection Evolution/Advancement  Gap

Natural Selection Evolution/Advancement Gap

The Natural Selection Gap is inherent (it seems) in all of us. Again; I apologize if I offend anyone with what may be perceived as ‘human bashing’, and of course, these findings are based purely on my own observations (over the years) and opinions.

Part 1: The Clone Wars – Awaiting Order 66

Have you ever just looked at people? The way they behave, the way they speak to other people; have you ever just sat back and observed? I’m an observer. I often find myself on autopilot just analyzing other people from afar.

I struggle to understand what level people are operating on, because many (most) people have very little to no depth to who they are. Many people are the same. They behave the same, they’re complacent the same, and they’re the same kind of boring – which is VERY boring! Even when i meet  newpeople; I expect them to be the same (I secretly hope they’re not, but they usually are).

It has been a rare (and treasured) occurrence for me, when i have met people who are truly different – these encounters are special in a way that is deeply moving; especially when you’re expecting that everyone is going to turn out to be the ‘same’. This rant is necessary, because only people who think and behave differently will be successful contributors in helping to close the gap between the orange and blue lines (pictured above).

Part 2: Titan AE – Get the Space Arks Ready

So, as you may or may not know, we are currently going through our 6th mass extinction. Apparently, if this downward trend continues; humans will be one of the first species to perish when a new order of trophic cascade is established – unless we can somehow evolve into extremophiles.

Convincing the vast majority that the environment is just as important as the economy seems to be a bridge too far. So, how about this ultimatum: ask the aliens to intervene in human advancement, to ensure positive progression.

I don’t care whether you’re religious or not, but we have to acknowledge that there are greater powers at work in the Universe. Sometimes things exist and happen to us that we just cannot explain – let alone emulate. I believe in the Universal memory, or Universal consciousness. By this I mean; I believe I can tap into memories of past beings (through dreaming); and have visions of other real worlds and beings existing now (through my ‘imagination’ or getting ‘inspiration’). We are not alone; the Universe sees and knows everything.

Let’s be honest; we cannot recreate life (once it is lost), or if we can (cloning/stem cell transplants etc.) – we cannot recreate it to nearly the same perfection as it has been bequeathed to us by a higher power. We need to shift our morals and values to ensure that the degradation of the environment stops. We can be a lesser deity in preserving nature, rather than a greater monster in destroying it.

Part 3: The Matrix is Real – Unplug 

Heard this all before have you? They call it déjà vu – it’s a glitch in the Matrix; and that’s exactly where you’re living; in the Matrix.

The world has evolved in such a way that it has created a trap for the timeline of your life/existence – even before you’re born. You will go through a predetermined sequence of events that the majority of humans face (school, university, a job that takes up all your time which you probably hate) – I would liken this to an ant or a bee; continuing in a pre-programmed fashion for the benefit of only a select ‘privileged’ minority. Welcome to modern day slavery.

Obviously; it is near impossible to change the way the global economy has evolved, and because humans are largely a product of their environment; it would be very difficult to expect the majority of people to shift their morals and values in any direction. I am bold enough to say that I feel this complacency of continuing to live in ‘the Matrix’ is bred out of fear. People will most certainly complain about the Matrix they live in; but they will never implement any pro-active change. Most humans want their security and comfort; and by going against the grain and living outside the margins of established acceptable society; they are afraid of losing something (I’m not sure what, because by living in the Matrix – allowing pre-programmed established society to control you – you have already lost yourself).

Part 4: Skynet – Sinister Intelligence 

The nucleus of who we are, and everything we’re working towards; starts with simple morals and values.

It is unfortunate to say; that a lot of people in the world lack these basic building blocks. And no; a lack of education etc. is not a limiting factor of being able to showcase good manners and respect. In certain cases it can be quite the opposite; where someone with a successful title and privileged background gets transported to such a level of haughtiness; they think these basic values and morals are beneath them.

We cannot hope to achieve positive progression as a species if we keep ignoring these basics (which, if employed correctly, should allow us to evolve into the superior beings that we’re capable of becoming). Sure, you probably argue that we already are superior beings, because we are smarter than all other species on the planet. Don’t forget, humans are also smarter at being evil.

I was watching the news one night; and I said to my dad, “It seems that people are the cause of most of the problems in our world…”

My father sat forward on the couch; nodded contemplatively and replied, “Yes, but it is also people who will solve those problems…”

Let’s close the gap!

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Man Must Leave the Moon – Poem

I have never ever shared my poetry with anyone (unless the poem was written for the person who read it). Humanity versus nature is a very strong theme in most of my writing; and to get to the point – i usually end up bashing humanity (I apologize in advance if I offend anyone). For the rest of this week I’m going to share some strong feelings about the above-mentioned theme, starting with this poem i wrote in 2012:

Galathilion - The Tree of the Moon

Galathilion – The Tree of the Moon

Man Must Leave the Moon:

Beyond all Stars, beyond deep space

there is dark matter in a stranger place –

and it’s far beyond our reach.


I lie awake at night and know

of these places far from here,

but nearer my imagination;

they are places I hold dear.


Who lives out there?

And looks on me; from cloud and star above?

Who will come to earth and save us;

from the absence of morals and love?


I cannot live; I cannot dream;

not knowing all there is.

For satisfaction evades a man who has not all his answers…


What’s in our past so dark and deep?

In the cinders of Alexandria that we did not keep

…There’s forgotten knowledge we will never breach;

It’s beyond our thoughts; beyond our reach.


I lie awake at night and think

of all these sorts of things;

and I’m enchanted even more

by the wonder that each brings.


I lie awake at night and know

the future of our earth.

Resource-less, many wars from now –

Do not hold hope for mirth.


Why must man have everything?

It is a sick corrosive greed:

The more I want – the more I need!

Please; man must leave the moon…


Not even the wise deliberating tides of the aging seas

will answer to my cries and pleas.


It is because our eyes on earthly things do dwell,

but from what height did the Fallen Angel fall when it fell?


What of this and what of that;

there is too much to ask…

But I know of some whose knowledge bank

is not challenged by this task.


There are some whose council I do beseech;

dwelling in a higher place,

above our thoughts,

beyond our reach.


But these answers have forsaken man;

for now and all eternity,

perhapsfor reasons beyond our thought;

for the greater good of humanity.


For man would worsen the world as such;

if he knew much more than his minor ‘much’.

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Sand Sculptures

Who doesn’t love a day at the beach? Besides the surf and sun; there is art abound on the beach…

Darth Vader

Darth Vader

The artists who created these sand sculptures have some true talent and patience. Imagine creating something; knowing that it was only temporary? I’m an artist; and the thought of my artwork getting washed away is heartbreaking. Anyhow; enjoy these sand sculptures:



















Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones


























Toy Story

Toy Story



















Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse
























Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz











Have you ever built an epic sand sculpture? We just used to build with those pre-moulded ‘castle’ buckets.

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